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Does Alternative Comedy Have Mainstream Appeal?

Using The Comedy Club Ltd as a benchmark organisation, we will track the growth of frequent comedy nights, the ever expanding corporate market to comedian hire and social media exposure for not the actions, but the clubs included in the alternative comedy circuit. Established in 1996 from Ian Franklin, The Comedy Club Ltd moved from strength to strength and has seen the market shift from booking comedy clubs in only bars, all the way to national hotel and health club chains.

The Development of Regular Comedy Nights

Since the beginning, The Comedy Club has always set out to be a very flexible organisation, supplying a highly successful, fully encouraged and promoted comedy nighttime within 6 weeks. Taking the Comedy Club new and 3 top comedians to places asking comedy club shows, demand can be quickly fulfilled and opportunities fully taken advantage of.

However, why the higher uptake of shows? Whilst comedian costs have stayed largely the same, profitability for places during comedy clubs has increased as the year 2000. Target comedy audiences are normally involving 20-45 yr olds and they have simply gone around a lot of preschool and karaoke nights through the 1990’s, the possibility to love a night of real entertainment is actually a real draw. Whilst a nation, the British people has been seen as un-adventurous, it has begun to be much more outspoken and ‘alternative’ comedy has answered this particular calling. With little humor nights attempting to sell out, larger venues begun to see that there very own customers being taken away to the formerly fringe entertainment events. Essentially, if you fail to beat them. . .join them.

With websites like The Comedy Club’s homepage displaying a enormous array of venues which comedy nights have been taking place, it has quickly become clear that very few places and viewers are unsuitable for humor.

Corporate Comedian Hire

For each and every company decision maker, there is a personal lifetime and so an knowing of entertainment events. From that we could assume the development of comedy nights out of popular culture has had an impact on corporate culture and it has perhaps influenced attitudes to exactly what corporate entertainment should hold.

Comedy-club Media Exposure

Relatively very little interest had been paid to the alternative circuit as it has grass roots since the occasions of those workingmen’s clubs, nevertheless this all shifted from 2000. Working with Dai4 movies Generation Company (created the Exotic Girls – Before they’re famous), BBC3 and also The Comedy Club Launched ‘Funny Business 06’ – a one hour documentary following the life span of humor agent Ian Franklin and The comedy-club network of nightclubs. Following the remarkable success of this only documentary, mind of comedy in Wales, Martin Ingram commissioned ‘Funny Business’ – a gift contest to locate the next Welsh comic star. Aired on BBC2 Wales in a primetime area in Jan/Feb 2008, the series gained considerable critical acclaim and also received in-depth coverage from preceding Welsh circuit celebrity, Max Boyce. The Comedy Club is set to last in a run of series’ for the BBC, although these details can’t be discussed in this phase.

Materials might at times be blue, a few self depricating, a few projecting an eye within our multi cultural nation, however it all is enjoyed by thousands of paying audience members every week and there seems no end to the elevation to that The Comedy Club network, and and the comedy bar web site can rise.

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