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Online Text-Based Games: Roleplaying a Female – A Guide for Men

What is this? I can CHOOSE whether to be a man or female once I create a personality in a text game? I’ve always been a male though! But, I have always coveted a great pair of b- erm, a wonderful set of emotions. Yes, individuals. Being a manly man that I am, I am just much too masculine to ever be able to show emotions like the more peculiar (arguable) sex do. I suppose I can try out this whole ‘be described as a female’ thing. How can I do though? I actually don’t know the way you can become a woman!

Never fear, woman-to-be! I’m here to help. Contrary to popular play girly games online belief, it’s not horribly hard to roleplay being a girl. In a text game, no one will tell that you are a person from the beginning, and they’ll never know at all if you never act as a fool. Here are a few suggestions for successfully role playing a lady.

This maybe hard, but don’t ask, “Where’s your kitchen?” When you step from this tutorial. There is a little chance that you can offend whoever is focusing, and more to the point that is not so female of you personally. Everybody understands that women have a “kitchen sense” and will find one without needing to ask!

On a much more critical note (yes, that means that I had been joking only now – simmer down, sexism is awful), you want to stop acting just like a total hussy. Nowhere on your description if the words “she has a totally massive rack” appear, or whatever to that effect. While typically the women are quite infrequent, your character in a text match is usually intended to be out from their standard, so it is alright to have a gifted personality.

In the event you decide to have such a character, you need to be careful about wording your description. As mentioned earlier, unnecessary attention on the female portions of her body isn’t typical of a woman. It IS possible to say that your personality gets that kind of human anatomy subtly. Look at using words such as “older” or “feminine”phrases or words that get the point across without putting a spotlight on it.

Finally, don’t walk out your way to do something “girly”. You do not need to spam the giggle or titter emotes to be considered a woman. Do not forget that your character’s personality, not sex, must be the driving force to how they act.

I literally only said it at the paragraph above, but I’ll repeat it for emphasis: your personality’s PERSONALITY should function as the driving force to how they behave. Gender should be a background for your character’s personality; this really is a description to which other players can attach the true “meat” of your personality. Remember that women, like men, have very changeable personalities. Although some might be more prevalent in women than in men, they are all possible, and thus do not feel as if you must role play one of a small set of characters.

Have your personality behave the way that you want them to, however, realize that a few characters draw more out-of-character attention than others. For instance, a cold and calculated woman is less prone to acquire more eye packs or raised eyebrows compared to a mailbox of giggles/snuggles/sex appeal. While on the subject to be out of character, keep in mind the in character relationships can form to your female character. If you are uncomfortable role-playing enjoying a man (and maybe just like a woman to begin with), then don’t take action. You are not obligated to at all!

Really, the one thing you want to complete to successfully role play a female is to do something ordinary. Don’t walk out one’s approach to change your role-play just because your personality is a lady. As for me, I realize that roleplaying is obviously easier because the opposite gender as your character is mechanically slightly different from you. For me personally, it is a lot easier to draw on the IC-OOC line.

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