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Condo Hotels Offer Innovative Way to Own a Vacation Home

Many people dream about having a vacation home. But usually concerns about maintaining it, renting it out in the offseason, and even justifying the expense as it’s merely to be used for two to three weeks of the season keep them from making the fantasy of reality.

Now condo hotels, an innovative kind of vacation home ownership, provide a welcome solution to each of these problems.

Condo hotel buyers purchase a genuine condo unit at an upscale hotel or hotel. The home serves as a full time hotel, and owners have access to all facilities, amenities and services only like hotel guests.

They get a deed to their unit and will utilize their vacation home when they want. If not in house, they can place their apparatus in to the hotel’s rental program and share in the revenue that it generates.

Young professionals, baby boomers and seniors alike are just beginning to discover the benefits of having a condo hotel unit. They appreciate the hassle-free nature of condo hotels as an additional home by that a professional management company handles everything from property maintenance to finding hotel guests to rent the units. They also consider luxury resorts a way to enhance their investments.

Condo hotels vary from timeshares in quite a few means. Together with timeshares, buyers pay just for the best to use the land for a fixed period of time each calendar year, usually a single week. They don’t own the name to the land, plus they do not obtain any rental earnings for those weeks they aren’t in residence.

Condo hotel owners are able to use their condos when they desire throughout the calendar year, within the guidelines of their individual development. They receive a share of any sales their unit creates whenever they’re not there and the machine is rented out to hotel guests.

Time shares traditionally decrease in value condo near naia terminal 3 over time, instead of appreciate. As the real history of condo-hotel re-sales is quite limited, they have been seen as an appreciating asset.

How do condo hotels vary from owning a traditional single family house or condo? Consumers who obtain a normal condominium pay property taxes, insurance and maintenance fees, but typically have no accessibility to hotel-type amenities.

Condo hotels, on the other hand, are not your standard next dwelling. They’re beautifully furnished suites in some of the most prestigious hotels and resorts all over the environment.

The properties often include four- or five star comforts, ranging from high end spas and fitness centres to fully-equipped small business centers and finedining restaurants. In addition they come with superb hotel services including concierge, valet and room services.

With condo hotels, owners reap the rewards of condo ownership while enjoying the privileges of a full-service hotel.

Most condo hotels are operated by big-brand management businesses such as Hyatt, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Starwood, Hilton, Trump, InterContinental and Rosewood. On average they are luxury hotels located on prime land, overlooking the ocean or some greens, near popular theme parks, or at one’s heart of a booming downtown.

Condo hotel units include galleries and full-size apartments to luxury penthouses and villas. Prices for all these homes range from $250,000 to over a million to top possessions.

What would make the condo hotel concept so appealing? When owners aren’t using their condominium unit, then they have the choice of placing it into the hotel’s rental program. They receive 40%-60% of the revenue their apparatus generates (it varies by land), with the total amount going to the hotel owner. The sales generated helps offset the costs of having a holiday home.

Since many hotel operators do not guarantee the rental of this condo, by rapping on the hotel’s brand , strong sales and advertising capacities, centralized booking system and management expertise, owners typically receive a greater amount of rental income than they ever want from a traditional holiday house.

More importantly, ownership is 100 percent hassle-free, as the hotel operator cares for finding hotel guests and keeping the machine in addition to managing the property’s various facilities.

How would be the ownership expenses broken? As part of their leasing agreement, the hotel pays for many operating expenses like house keeping, management, sales and promotion. The condo-hotel owner typically pays property taxes, insurance and funding advances. The rental revenue that owners receive helps defray these expenses and, sometimes, provides additional earnings.

While programmers primarily sell their condo hotel units being a life style and vacation home alternative, many buyers see merit in the condo hotel concept as an investment tool. They say it gives them the greatest of both worlds. They are able to enjoy most the advantages of touring in a firstclass hotel or hotel while they have a property that has potential to appreciate. Oahu is the best second home and investment united to a!

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