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Every Day Can Be Independence Day When Using Mobile Apps

I finally achieved it. A few weeks ago I upgraded my cellular phone and finally got together with the times. I struggled upgrading my phone due to the price of a new telephone number. I waited until my contract had so I could find a discount. I realize my 4G Galaxy cell phone ensures every day is Independence Day. I’ve been liberated from having to take my notebook computer, e-reader, Flip, camera, GPS and visiting the bank to produce a deposit. I’ve even been able to leave your client files home. Iam ready to pursue happiness without all these gadgets.

One of my preferred free programs that TutuApp ensure everyday is Independence Day so that I can continue my search for happiness are still below.

Inch. Social media – I will checkin using four-square, post my Tweets and talk with my face book friends round the globe with their respective apps. Tweetdeck also has an app.

2. Contact Management- I enjoy using ABBY BCR Lite along with Bump – both of these programs allow me to enter the contact information out of either a business card or perhaps a individual’s phone. This saves me time from having to manually input the information. It also eliminates the requirement for me to place the card my rolodex and that I actually don’t risk losing the card.

3. Drop-box – to be able to avoid the risk of losing files on a drive or thumb drive my business has begun using drop-box. Dropbox lets me upload files and then share them with special personnel. Perhaps not everyone has or needs access to every file. I no longer need to hold client folders with me or worry about finding a telephone call and maybe not having their information handy. Dropbox lets me see the files on my cell phone. There are assorted additional file management programs you can down load.

4. E reader – you will find free apps such as both the Kindle and Nook designed for download to your phone. I presumed it’d be dreadful to attempt to read a novel on my phone but I find it is truly quite convenient.

5. Magazines or News – that I admit to being an information junky. I love being able to browse Entrepreneur, FoxNews, Time, and News & Weather from my phone. I can stay abreast of events without turning on the radio or tv.

6. Banking – USAA comes with a program for your own mobile that allows me to take an image of my test and get a deposit into my bank accounts. I enjoy it. I have two business bank account and I purposely maintain the main one with USAA for depositing checks therefore that I don’t need to make time to goto the neighborhood bank. This app saves me a whileand provides me quicker access for my cash and allows me to make interest faster too.

7. Music – that I am now able to leave the I pod home. I am able to listen to music from various radio channels like K-Love or that I could use Pandora, Amazon MP3 or alternative assorted software. Again, I will leave the notebook, MP3 player or iPod home; a less gadget to restore as it goes kaput.

8. Camera & Video – if your phone includes a camera that it probably does one can now leave the camera dwelling. My phone actually has a higher pixel in relation to my camera that now works as a paper weight. I have a twist however my phone too can capture a video no need to lug around one tablet. The camera may upload the photos or video into my societal media accounts. I can also send the photos to my friends’ mobiles or email accounts. Again, this is saving me time. Most of us understand how time consuming it is to find the strings and docking station to transfer photos off the camera or how annoying it is to discover you did not save them the memory card.

9. But, my phone came with several installed i.e. T-mobile television,, and press hub. I could find where these could come in handy in a long trip or if traveling. Again, letting you leave the notebook or portable DVD player dwelling. Additionally, there are a number of free work out apps that I have downloaded i.e. squats, arm work out etc..

10. Navigation – my mobile was included with the navigation app, Navigation, that lets me leave my GPS home. I can type or speak my destination. Having the ability to speak my destination is much safer than trying to drive and type.

1-1. Square – This is my favourite program. I utilize Square to accept debit card and credit card payments. This is a good resource for anyone who need to simply accept payment when far from a check out or that merely occasional take a debit or credit card repayment.

This is but a short list. I didn’t mention the access to checking email or playing games. Now I understand this is going to seem idle but it is trendy to be able to assess one final time whatever I do need to examine from my bed before I get to sleep using my phone. I no longer drag my notebook from room to room in my home. Technology is always changing. However hard we struggle change sometimes if we finally cave in and adapt we realize the amount of money we could save by upgrading just one gadget that can get at least half dozen additional gadgets. Updating your cell phone can help save money and save your shoulder. Your briefcase may nolonger be narrowed with gadgets.

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