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Why You Should Use WordPress to Create a Website

To put it simply, WordPress can be a software script you can download for free and install to immediately create an internet website. Do not get scared away by the word ‘script.’ The developers of WordPress have made it so easy to establish. You won’t need to be a computer programmer to own an internet site up and running in 15 minutes with WordPress.

There are a number of reasons why you need to use WordPress as a CMS (content management system) on your new website. In the event the price didn’t convince you (did I mention it’s free?) , maybe these additional reasons will WordPress blog themes

Unlimited Uses

WordPress has unlimited uses and software. It is the Swiss Army knife of knives. WordPress can be utilised to create a personal web site where you could write on your loved ones members and friends, share images, stay in touch with distant loved ones, and also make all of the available from anywhere on earth at any given time of the day. You could even use WordPress to create a web site for your own business which will allow you to easily publish marketing materials on the Internet. You might even use WordPress to create a personal site on your own and put it to use in order to meet people that share your preferences.

WordPress is standalone application. This usually means you don’t have to buy a copy of FrontPage or Dreamweaver to utilize it. Much less find out how to utilize one or more of the programs. Once you put in it, then you login into the ‘Admin’ page and place it up in any manner you want. In addition you make use of the admin page to publish new articles and articles to the Internet. In addition you don’t want HTML experience.

Open Source Software

WordPress is released as Open Source software which means that you are allowed to make use of it free of cost. It is possible to use this for any type of personal or enterprise website without having to pay a single penny

get it. It is developed in the PHP programming language and the MySQL database host (that’s again Open Source), and also so are both Internet-standard systems that offer a high degree of security and reliability.

You do not really have to be experienced to use WordPress for your site. The majority of today’s web hosting companies provide you with the capacity to install WordPress using a few simple mouseclicks. I highly suggest HostGator. Their management section is not difficult to browse and its even simple to put in articles and web pages to your website.

Themes Support

Themes are templates (or designs) that you can connect with your WordPress web site to change the appearance and texture of it. You won’t ever run tons of themes if working with WordPress. If you don’t like the themes which have the default installation of WordPress, then you can down load unique ones using this site. You will find hundreds of free themes on this web site that you can download and use for free. There are themes that can also make your web site look as a news site, a personal site, or even a photogallery.

WordPress plugins let you add functionality to your site. They can do virtually anything that you want and will be installed into a few mouseclicks too well. For example, in case you want to show funny quotes on your website, get into the JPF Quotes WordPress Plugin and it’ll present your favourite random quotes together with an image of the person saying the quote.

WordPress follows each of the Web Standards and keeps your blog or website compliant with all of the rules which define a suitable website. What this means to you is that visitors to a site will not have problems accessing your articles due to terrible programming by lazy developers. The WordPress programmers work hard to ensure that WordPress is 100% harmonious.

SEO Friendly

Want it or not, the Internet is mapped by the three big search engines: Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Just about everybody else goes to such search engines to search for websites by key words. These search engines ‘crawl’ your site and then index your web site in their system based on your own content… this is a great thing. If your website is not indexed, then it will never be seen by people searching for the website, unless they type your URL directly within their own browser. WordPress uses different techniques that maximize it to be search engine friendly, so it may be quickly and readily indexed. For example: sending pings to other websites, making categories, tagging your posts, and the usage of h1/h2 tags, etc..

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