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Why I Quit Marijuana

My motivation to stop bud, marijuana, cannabis or anything you call itwas because I had become a rut of smoking it all day, every day. Late during the night or early afternoon, utterly convinced I enjoyed it, I would sitroll and smoke joint after combined. As the years rolled marijuana seemed similar to self-prescribed drugs to keep me calm than the enjoyable, recreational drug I once considered it to be. Knocking in my dealer’s door became a sign of need and at times desperation. I regularly looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards and that I completely lost my selfconfidence to communicate with even my closest friends. But the fear of existing with no prized bud fix was enough to induce me to leave every endeavor to stop.

Increased health is of course a fully guaranteed benefit of quitting but it was equally important to me to help you to love myself socially and not be stalked by pangs of temptation after I stopped. Despite feeling lousy, lethargic and a servant to bud it bothered me that quitting meant living a dull and dull existence. Back those times I lived the traditional humor Cheech and Chong lifestyle. Nowadays there is nothing anybody could say to convince me to set a filthy horrible joint anywhere near my own mouth! That’s because I eventually stop:

· Without the Need for bio degradable
· Without home on the disadvantages
· Without replacement medications
· With no feeling I was creating a sacrifice
· Without Psycho Babble or gimmicks

There’s ofcourse no annual recorded departure rate. There is no such thing as a marijuana hang-over or come down period. There is obviously little chance of waking in a derelict drug-den with hypodermic needles cluttering the floor along side ashen-faced medication addicts. But without getting all’Reefer Madness’ relating to this, those truth is only half of their marijuana story. It can ruin your life however the advantages of quitting are worth it and plentiful.

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